Choose your NFT Card options

EXCHANGE NFT CARDs with others

  • Connect your Metamask wallet (consider minimum amount of ETH present)
  • Select from your wallet the NFT you wish to exchange
  • Choose the NFT Card you want, and balance out the values
  • Finalize the exchange before the time runs out.


  • Connect your Metamask wallet (consider minimum amount of ETH present)
  • Select an NFT game
  • Choose the NFT Card you want
  • Browse price options
  • Finalize the purchase of the NFT you chose


  • Connect your Metamask wallet
  • Select an NFT game
  • Transfer your NFT Card
  • Select various sell options:
    • Sell via tender – you can choose your minimum starting price and the tender duration.
    • Sell with a pre-determined price set by you
  • Once another gamer buys your card you will automatically receive the required ETH amount in your Metamask wallet
  • Repeat the process and cash in your digital NFT game assets 😊

Our Team

We are creative game-changers with diverse professional backgrounds in blockchain and NFT. Our innovative ideas steam from the passion behind every project we build. And our work is a real expression of who we are.

Our motto is: we learn, we innovate, we build. was created with a simple idea - to help you buy, sell or exchange your favorite NFT cards between platforms.

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